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TOPIC: Next Priest Studio Album
[J.D. DIAMOND] Sunday, October 03, 2010 11:32:20 PM 
Bazookajoe_666 wrote:   "Hey man don't lose faith!"

(lol!) I've flip flopped my opinions (about what kind of album will be released next)  back and forth so many times since the release of Nostradamus that now I've finally come to tearms with the fact that after the release of Nostradamus with that strange material they came up with (yuk) and with the influence of the Halford 3 Winter Songs album and now the Made Of Metal album,I think that the next Priest album may have some of this residue from these 3 albums left over in it?

I've really lost all "faith" in this next LP,especially with the writting sessions when ever that may be could have Halford's solo album style mixed in with it like a left over residue,that is a possibility nobody is thinking about. I can't help but to "doubt" that the next album will be even as good as Angel Of Retribution with the songs both Priest and solo halford has been coming up with lately. I won't hold my breath for a quality new Judas Priest album but if it does turn out good then I'll eat my words,but I really am beginning to doubt it. "SIGH".
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