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TOPIC: Why all the web police?
[guidogodoy] Tuesday, September 14, 2010 6:10:27 PM 
You know, I saw this post earlier and something struck me as "missing." At the time, I couldn't put my finger on it. Just having come back from a 5 mile run with it in my ears, it hits me....the album to the right is missing: "A Touch of Evil."

As I have posted before, I think it is just an outstanding album from start to finish. "Judas Rising" sets the tone and it is just crushing live / pro mix song after powerful song. If, like many have argued, "Painkiller" is the low-spot on the album because of Rob's "grover" voice, well that ain't so bad. I'll admit that the start of Painkiller really didn't grab me like the other songs on the album as I have heard too many bootlegs where he just nails it. Then again, I have never been one for such "throaty" singing. At the end, though, he just nails the high notes. If nothing more, I find it interesting how he transforms a song he has performed a thousand times into something new and interesting in a single rendition.

Anyone still sitting on the fence about this one? I did and still give it two thumbs up. All hail the Metal Gods.

Nice to see the "Tribute" albums in there, Bud.
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