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TOPIC: anyone have pets?
[Budred] Monday, September 13, 2010 8:55:14 AM 
Notice the paper on the printer. He has this thing about laying on paper. If my wife spreads
out a newspaper to read he'll come over and lay on it. It's funny. The wife caught him like this,
she had to take a picture. It's funny how he has everything hanging over yet he's still sleeping.
A couple quick facts about him.
He started as the neighbor's cat. She kept him outside. My wife set food out for him one day.
A couple of weeks later the neighbor lady is like "My cat just packed his bags and moved next door."
That was six years ago. He's still here.(LOL) He's the coolest cat too. He never claws anything. He's a
 lap cat and sleeps with us everynight. He loves my wife, he's always on her. The best part is that he's
housebroken. We don't keep a litter box and he always goes outside. He'll sit by the door or top corner 
of our couch when he wants out. Very quiet and mellow also. Basically everything you could want in a cat.

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