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TOPIC: Spinal Tap
[pedro68] Monday, September 13, 2010 5:06:30 AM 
I remember i was playing this small club years ago and in the break  my bass guitarist  says to me " we need some pyro ".
so we tape a smoke bomb each to the head stocks of our guitars ,he asures me that they were only a small effect.
We ignite the guitars and start set 2.This is when the magic happened,within seconds these weapons of mass destruction engulf the entire venue in a thick wave of smoke.
I can no longer see my hand in front of my face ,let alone breathe without dropping a lung.Windows and doors are opened to ventilate the room but the show must go on.Needless to say we cut that set short.To their credit the crowd stayed on despite the second interuption of the night - the local fire brigade charging in with fire hoses ready, cheers.
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