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[sinic13] Sunday, September 05, 2010 8:41:22 AM 

 Hi Priest Freaks worldwide!

Question for "die hard" fans: Is there really no soundboard recording from the Monsters of Rock Donington 1980 concert? I'm searching for 30 years for soundboard recordings, but never ever found it, always only audience recordings. There are "Monsters of Rock" LP with soundboard recordings from Rainbow, Scorpions, April Wine, Saxon, Riot and Touch! There are the full concert from Saxon on CD! Riot, too....and I found one more song from Scorpions "The Zoo" as soundboard recording, but Priest? = no chance!!!! I can't believe it, that there is not one!!! soundboard song anywhere from Priest in Donington 1980.

Second question for the japanese Priest Freaks! We know that "Unleashed in the East" Cover was made in a studio in May 1979 ( yes, the most of the audio stuff was made in studio, too,   but is the best "metal live" recording ever!!!!!). The Japan Tour was in February 1979, how looked Rob on this tour really? Original outfit? Maybe there are people here, that were there, and made photos? Thanks for infos!!!!!


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