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TOPIC: Halford - The Mover
[JT_Small_Deadly_Space] Friday, August 27, 2010 3:31:20 AM 
Yo everyone well morale seems low in the Priest camp at the minute and I have been frustrated lately with the lack of news etc. However I have just been browsing Halfords new site, he has a new album on the way and he has 2 singles. One is called made of Metal and the other 'The Mower'. I just listened to the latter, if you haven't already heard it here you go feast your ears on this:

Yeah it might be a lot heavier than what Priest usually is but my God I nearly shit myself when I heard this. Halford's voice is incredible I don't know what he has been doing but he is back on form.

His latest tour he sang Resurrection here is a video:

I can spy Painkiller back in the set when Priest hit the road again cause bloody Hell his voice is better than it was last year without a shadow of a doubt. If he can pull of Resurrection surely he can pull off Painkiller.

I hope this raises spirits somewhat and J.D, Hellrider (thanks for keeping the faith) I hope this satisfies your metal hunger for now \m/
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