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TOPIC: anyone have pets?
[joedraper] Thursday, August 26, 2010 2:28:32 PM 
Our little rat girl died on Sunday. I spose with rats I must be grateful that she lasted as long as she did. She seemed to have had a stroke on Sunday midday. She lost mobility in her left side(sure sign coupled with age) and we just kept her warm, thanked her for being a good little rat and kept her comfortable and when we went to bed she passed.
I love the rats so much but it is getting heartbreaking that they die so soon. I mean, if you get 3 years it's a good run for them. This litle one was very precious..  Don't think I'm nuts but even the cat started to act weird after she died. He used to jump up and watch her in her cage.. He got specially closer to her after her sister died earlier this year. We joked that he  is probably thinking that his TV is broken lol. He really watched her like she was a very intersting program lol... never tried to eat her, just watched her.. But then Yuda is a super cat and a legend in his own right here!

What is sadder for me is that loosing the last rat makes Hymne's death a bit more final for me. She always managed to get me to adopt rescue pets lol. She got the rats for her snake from a pet breeder but guilt got the better of her (the woman who she got them from made a huge scene about how she was so happy that they were going to be pets in a good home and not snake fodder lol) I can't believe it has been almost six moths since that day that changed my life.
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