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TOPIC: Ozzfest
[HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS] Friday, August 20, 2010 7:23:46 PM 
THANKS Bud!!! Crowd reaction was pretty much the same in Chicago, which really pissed me off. Some guys behind us kept on screaming "Play some Priest, we want Priest" after every song. They played Heart of a Lion and they started screaming it again when the song ended. I turned around and screamed at them "THAT WAS PRIEST YOU DUMBASS!!" Then they finally shut up. We were the only ones jammin' on Metal Mike's side and singing/screaming along, which he completely appreciated and smiled at us several times. Doesn't look good for a HALFORD tour I'm afraid....

As for Ozzy, he sounded really good in Chicago too. He didn't mumble, you could understand him and his voice sounded really good although it did crack once. The thing I love about Ozzy is that he is ALWAYS having fun on stage. Those parody video clips he showed before the show started were awesome! Did he bring on a little 9 year old boy to play Crazy Train at your show? This little boy was OUTSTANDING!!!! Holy Shit - he is going to be huge one day!

We tried to take video of HALFORD but we were too close to the speakers and there is just too much distortion. So THANK YOU for your video!!
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