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TOPIC: Kmac the second!
[_strat_] Sunday, August 15, 2010 12:22:11 PM 
Damn - good thing I described the pic, I see it has already turned into the hated symbol of a red X. For some reason, pics dont like me lately.

Anyway... Friends... IDK. Yeah, here on the site, sure. I will say that much tho: I was a kid when NATO bombed Serbia, but I still remember it VERY well. NATO planes would take off in North Italy, and fly over us on their way to Serbia. We couldnt see them of course, but we knew they were there, allright, and we knew what they are about to do. And I still hold the opinion that whoever made the calls in that operation should be rounded up and tested for bullet impregnability. The shooting down of the F 117 was definately a highlight of that war, and Im glad the Serbs could pull it off.

But, I dont think that this is the thread for this - it is supposed to be fun. So, if we are going anywhere further, I suggest the Social issues thread. Its been pretty abandoned for a while, anyway.

Now, where are Guidos pink slippers? I need something to throw at him!
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