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TOPIC: hey..Im new here
[Justin Kenny] Tuesday, August 03, 2010 12:40:01 PM this point, I should imagine Judasfanfromsweden is probably sitting at his 'puter right now thinking,   'Ohh-kaaayy....what the fuck have I just stepped into here??'     LMAO!!!!!!

Lighten up's too short and the clocks tickin'.....there's enough discord, cacophony and bullshit in our respective day to day really needn't breed and multiply in HERE....don't care if you've never been banned, been banned 3 to 33 times, are ABOUT to be banned, or just joined a band.      We need to start thinkin' of this place (and other online venues) as  'happy-hour' locations...where you go to escape, talk music and the GOOD things--God knows the good things are as fleeting as the flavor in a piece of Juicy Fruit gum (for those who never had me...the flavor's DEAD in like...3.5 minutes).

Welcome all new entrants of the metal faith!!!     I now resume you all to the  'hey...I'm new here'  thread...already in progress.... dig it...
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