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TOPIC: Gear/Pedals/Guitars/Amps
[guitardude] Saturday, June 26, 2010 4:05:40 PM 
It is best to always put an overdrive/distortion pedal in front of an amp . This way any efx you have in the loop can do their jobs better.Or just put them after the OD/Dist. in the chain.
remember this little phrase
it`s better to process your distortion than to distort your processing. plus you can boost the level in the loop  to help make the guitar seem much more touch sensitive and(if using a tube amp) drive the post harder.
Most onboard efx are only middle of the road as tey are digital, but using something that small to do so many things, the processing power suffers , giving not quite what you want. But either way, still plenty good for home use.
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