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TOPIC: Fill in the blank...
[MetalPixie] Monday, June 14, 2010 6:57:09 PM 
The first time I saw Priest live it was like ... the GREATEST Cathartic experience EVER!!!

First concert ... June 14, 1984 (OMG!! 26 years ago TODAY!!!  Gads I'm old ...) for my 15th birthday
Defenders of the Faith tour.

I try to see them at least twice every tour ... including Operation Rock & Roll and Metal Masters and the Ripper years
HOWEVER - by some massive brain fart, I managed to miss them on the 2004 Ozzfest tour altogether
(Have no FREAKIN' clue how THAT happened ...)

Never saw Fight (dagnabbit)
Never saw Two
Saw Halford on Resurrection tour with Queensryche & Iron Maiden (the Three Tenors Tour I believe is how it was billed)
Debating on trekking to Ozzfest for Halford this year ... not huge into anyone else on bill, but my need for metal may drive me to go ...

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