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[aceroperuano] Friday, May 07, 2010 2:07:58 PM 

Wow,, I mean I'm not a hardcore fan of the genre, I just like a cople of bands,just in case I didn't left that clear, but anyway I actually never listened to that particulary song, I guess cause what I have listened from Tigertailz was just a couple of songs some friend of mine pass me, like a sort of "compilation", I guess he omited the ballads knowing I'm not a big fan,oh now I'm so gonna  beat up that motherfucker for this hahaha,  plus I actually never seen a video of them, I'm not a music video person THAT much(I stick more to listen the music)and now....well, maybe I was wrong about Tigetailz being sleaze, maybe  because I didn't seen the whole picture, just a frame, but I stick it to the other bands, I still like Dangerous Toys, Ski Row, and early Motley Crue, If I have to make a proportion of type of music I listen: 80%metal(heavy,thrash,death,black,etc), 15%hardcore/crust punk, 5% miscelaneous(sleaze rock, hard rock, salsa, boleros,etc).

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