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TOPIC: Can Metal Survive Without The Trad Metal Giants??
[aceroperuano] Friday, April 30, 2010 1:51:09 PM 

High Spirits is recent band I particulary like,  the voice isn't  "wow!" but is pretty decent for a demo, anyway I think is enough classic metal innfluenced to put a couple of song here:

About the topic: I actually agree about golden age of Heavy Metal being completely gone, the passion for classic Heavy Metal(Saxon, Diamond Head, Judas Priest,etc) will be  dramatically reduced, most kids today are or into death/gore/black  metal or trendy mallcore and crapcore, that can't be changed, kids always want the louder and noisier music, even if is crap music(mallcore), and old classic metal bands dissapearing is not helping, and as any kind of music, Is not gonna actually disappear, just reduced the amount of listeners, I hardly believe that a  new band will appear and gonna be as great as the traditional metal giants, so we must accept that Heavy Metal will become a more dark and underground movement that it is right now, I can live  with that, for  me this was never about belonging to a larger group or a trend, it just will be more difficult to find metalheads, true metalheads, in the future.

PD: hey J.D., that's one great speed metal album I tell ya, Exciter has always been an amazing speed metal trio, and talking about metal trios, have you ever listened Warfare??, great britsh punkish metal vibe:

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