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TOPIC: Language nam nam
[Deep Freeze] Thursday, April 29, 2010 1:29:42 PM 
Oh it is SO good to have you back!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The use of a comma with a conjunction is fine when one is connecting two independent clauses ( He sang well, but he often got tired.) Some writers believe that the coordinating conjunction has adequate seperation and will leave the comma out in short, balanced independent clauses. My rule has always been to simply use the comma when in doubt!

More often, a mistake is made when one puts a comma after a coordinating conjunction. Now, that does not mean that it is ALWAYS wrong but it is rare that you would need a comma after a coordinating conjunction. Of course, when speaking we often pause after the little conjunction but there is rarely a need for a comma there when writing.  How's that?
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