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TOPIC: Can Metal Survive Without The Trad Metal Giants??
[J.D. DIAMOND] Thursday, April 29, 2010 1:15:50 AM 
Absolutely not. There are no current bands that I've seen/heard that are grabbing my attention and have the british heavy metal sound with good song writting and good vocals,there is just not. There are many bands with good music but when the vocals start,it ruins it for me,just like Craig W. doesn't mind Saxon's music but for him its ruined when Biff starts to sing.

To me Biff is heavy metal's second best vocalist but to others Biff is irritating,it is what it is. But I just haven't heard anything that "kicks ass"....sure there are "ok" stuff but nothing that is exciting. I think bands should first focus on a good vocalist,then the song writting and I think they should up-tune thier guitars like British Steel,Blizzard Of Oz,ect....instead of down tuning them to go with the trend.
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