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TOPIC: Can Metal Survive Without The Trad Metal Giants??
[J.D. DIAMOND] Wednesday, April 28, 2010 3:24:56 PM 
No. I do not like any "new" bands in the black metal underground or the death metal underground. The scenes are ruined and have been for years now,something I never thought would happen 15 years ago but it has arrived.

Especially the last 5 or 6 years,it has become a circus of embarressment. The last new bands to come out that I like was Cult Of Daath(2000), Graven(2000) Sargeist(2000) all black metal bands.But thats about it.

No black/death metal bands that I like play in a traditional metal sense,they play in the black/death traditional sense,not heavy metal. A few bands that I like called it quits because of how lame the so called "scene" is like A.J.Harris Judas Iscariot quit in 2002 and the legendary Mutiilation from France that started in 1992 just recently quit in 2008. Its a sad joke

This scene used to be hidden and elite I remember back in 1994 around that time,there was not as many people that got into this music back then,it made up for a great scene where things were fresh and exciting,but nowadays the kiddies in thier bedrooms through the help of the internet and endless trend record labels swampped the scene and made this into a mear "joke".

I really am sick by this and is one of many reasons why I joined this forum on January 1st 2005,it was more satisfying to me to talk to fans of heavy metal metal the way it was heading. 

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