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TOPIC: My Metal Radio Show
[guidogodoy] Friday, April 16, 2010 11:34:03 PM 
I couldn't tell you how much time me an my true metal buddies tried to reproduce that song. One of the many reasons I cannot believe how many people can be divided about metal and rap. Like two different species or something. To me? It is the same thing. Cultural music depending on your culture, I suppose. In Detroit, you'll find as much rap as metal (depending on the bar, I suppose...I am a native). That is why Run-DMC and Aerosmith was such a natural meld to me. I honestly didn't thing twice about it. Damn, look at DMC's shoes. LOL!!

Explains why I take any sort of racism to heart, I suppose. I grew three streets out of Detroit proper (three streets out of the race riots of '67, IOW) and can't fathom the ideas of anyone with racial problems of any kind. I actually thought that rap and metal would come closer than it actually did, in fact. Guessed wrong, I suppose...this vid sure inspired me in my youth, though.

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