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TOPIC: Versus The Q
[Bazookajoe_666] Friday, April 16, 2010 8:27:06 AM 
Why does everyone here have such animosity towards the Mods? They AREN'T like that. I've NEVER seen them ban someone because they want to / can / disagreeing with them. NEVER. I've been on that site for a few years now....... honestly the Mods aren't even ALLOWED to do that....... they don't have that power. ADMIN and MODS are two different things.

As for people actually thinking that this site is a decent band site though...... its really not. At all. I've been a member of a LOT of band sites, and this is one of the worst by far. Not for the people or anything, but for the way the site is designed and run. We get updated like every odd MONTH. The site hasn't changed besides the colors for years. The last Poll we had was whether or not we liked Rising in the East. The store is fucking horrible. We don't have ANY of the bands official videos. We don't even have the correct LYRICS for god's sake.

That said, I do keep coming back here because I enjoy the people.

And yeah Simon, you did break some rules, don't fucking pretend to be innocent because you're not.

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