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[DEN1673] Thursday, April 15, 2010 1:39:34 AM 
Just a real quick note before I hit the sack this late night, "Tremendous Amounts of Love & Respect" go out to "All" that have made my "Life" a little bit easier to handle just by saying a Few Kind Words!!!! As some of you know and this is just to make it up to date now, on "3/10/07 I received my cadaver kidney transplant" by someone I do not know but am "Extremely Grateful & Blessed" because of that "Angel", I can live and keep on living because there is no better feeling in the world......... It's very hard to explain in words!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to let "You'll" know, that of 3/10/10 it's been three years and counting.......... 

Lots of love,

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