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TOPIC: Why all the web police?
[Budred] Thursday, March 11, 2010 5:16:45 AM 
My last rant wasn't about me being a victim. I was expressing anger about myself 
not allowing me to be myself. I referred to my initial appearance as the number one reason.
The last time I posted pictures it caused others to argue(discuss) Ripper. I was thinking here we go 
again so I deleted (all) of them. No pictures, no arguments. After I thought about it I came to the conclusion
that I'm just being a p*ssy and decided f*ck that. I'm sick of not being me. I came to the same conclusion
that you all have. That first incident is behind me and I'm not going to worry about what I post anymore.
I am going to be myself. I will not personally attack or antagonize anyone and I will try to give thought to what I post,
but I'm not going to cower anymore. As far as saying "I just want everyone to like me" I'm not sure where you
 got that from because. If you read what I wrote then you would see that I said "I don't care if anyone likes 
me anymore or not." That was the biggest part of the problem. That's the part I want to change. I was constantly 
backing down to appease everyone. Screw that. This is three posts now all stating pretty much the same thing.
I can't explain it any differently. 

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