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TOPIC: Judas Priest Album 2011
[J.D. DIAMOND] Monday, March 08, 2010 2:09:19 PM 
Yeah i know hellrider,the time should be "now" to create many records but the reality of it is that they won't.Sure they said they have a long way to go before retirement but that means putting out an album every 3 years wich means this next one should be 2011 then 2014 then 2017 wich by then Glenn will be almost 70!!
I don't think Glenn plans on touring after he hits 70yrs old but I could be wrong! lol! So that only gives us 3 more studio albums to look forwards to.It would be killer if they packed away 3 more studio LPs for when they retire but the band won't,and it would be hard to expect them to.And I don't think they have tons of material recorded,they may have ideas but I doubt anything on tape but I could be wrong. Anyways this next album is very crucial for Priest,they must make something special,unlike Nostradamus in my opinion. 

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