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[J.D. DIAMOND] Thursday, March 04, 2010 2:08:05 PM 

Brian Evans wrote: "I still say the foundation of quality heavy metal are good song writing, good vocals and guitar solos."

You see what I'm talking about now Dale? These kind of posts spank of idiotic statements,who ever said that the foundation of quality heavy metal are NOT about good song writting,good vocals and guitar solos? 
If you or the uneducated Brian Evans say it was "me" than the both of you are a "LIAR". I never once said that,I challenge the both of you to go back and read my posts and prove to the rest of us here that I indeed said that.You can't because I never did say that,only an idiot like Brian would even say such a stupid thing. Obviously the both of you somehow think that black metal and death metal are traditional "heavy metal".
Well I know that everybody who is reading this is laughing thier ass off at both of you because the 2 of you do not know the difference between heavy metal and black/death metal at all and both of your posts prove it today. Well kiddies I'm here to tell you that there actually "is" a difference between the 2 genres of metal.

The thing is that the 2 of you seem to put yourselves in a position where your ignorance is exploited in front of the rest of us here. Its sad in this day and age that the both of you call yourselves "metal fans" when really you guys don't know nearly enough about metal at all.Again,both of you go back to school and do your fuckin homework before you even think about discussing "metal" with a metal veteran as myself.  

So Brian,we are all waiting for you to pull up my post where I said "The foundation of  quality heavy metal are NOT about good song writting,good vocals and guitar solos".....lets see it guy,step up to the plate and deliver since your so quick to open up your where did I say it?...come on don't back down like your used to doing throughout your life...where did I say that??

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Edited at: Thursday, March 04, 2010 2:08:30 PM
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