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[J.D. DIAMOND] Wednesday, March 03, 2010 2:58:23 AM 
No offense Dale,but that sounds "idiotic". The entire purpose of "black metal"  and  "death metal" was "NOT" to be  as talented, like talented heavy metal bands such as Judas Priest,Black Sabbath,Iron Maiden,Saxon.That was the whole idea dude,it baffles my 39 year old brian that there are so called 'metal" fans out here that actually believe that a band like "Venom" or any black/death metal band for that matter are or were trying to be as talented as a band like Judas Priest or Iron Maiden! HAHAHA are you fucking kidding me Dale?

Thats like Brian Evans( the poser who stole the real Brian Evan's name)claiming Toxic Holocaust are trying to be like Judas Priest or Iron maiden and are trying to play heavy metal. Come on,you guys have really got to start doing your homework man,I am not saying you have to like black metal or death metal its ok if you hate it,but to actually think that they are trying to be as talented as a band like Priest spills of ignorance.

I'm just trying to tell you because sooner or later somebody else is going to trash you up one side and down the other for not realizing what your talking about so it might as well be from me right? Again,you don't have to like black metal,death metal or those "hard core death metal bands" as you called them,but they are not trying to be "talented" they are about extreme aggression and attitude.

You think Venom were trying to be talented? Or "Bathory"?  They had a shitty tinny  untalented sound on purpose to achieve an ugly atmosphere that matches lyrically what they were creating and writting about and also what they looked like aesthetics wise.Black metal is not punk but the idea of creating a "raw" sound is very similar. If Venom had a sound like Defenders Of The Faith it wouldn't be fucking "Venom" now would it? No.

I do NOT like very much punk rock at all yes a few that I really like,but not very much at all,most of it sucks to me but I even know "why" they sound like they do,I know that they are not trying or claming to be "talented". It shouldn't be "this hard" for you to understand,maybe thats why it baffles my fuckin brain Dale.
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