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[J.D. DIAMOND] Monday, March 01, 2010 3:50:27 PM 
(lol!) Yeah its probably nothing that floats your boat jimmy,but these bands are the elite classic black/death metal bands of the 1980's,these are the Godfathers of extreme metal.There was nothing before "Venom" only "punk" and of course traditional heavy metal like our own Judas Priest,but for extreme metal ....nope,there was nothing before Venom.

They created "black metal" and also the term "death metal",speed metal and thrash was all Venom.The media quicky labeled anything "satanic" as "black metal" in the early 80's and thats what it became,even old Mercyful Fate like the debut album and Melissa,Don't Break The Oath albums were considered "black metal" even though King was playing heavy metal music wise,but because of the heavy satanic theme it was called "Black metal" and looking back on it now rightfully so.

At that time there was no band that supported corpse paint as King Diamond did with his satanic beliefs. Venom created black metal but it was Venom,Mercyful fate and Bathory are the 3 bands that made up the early black metal scene of the 80's along with bands like Hellhammer,Celtic Frost and Sarcofago as well.Some of these bands like Venom,Bathory,Sarcofago didn't play guitar solos in some of thier songs but the majority had them, while a band like Hellhammer didn't play solos at all,just rhythm guitar assult and it wasn't because they didn't know how to play solos,and it wasn't the record company telling them not to play any because of a "trend" like the early 90's grunge scene,it was an "underground"  attitude of agression,thats other reason.

Just like the old punks not playing solos,it wasn't designed for technical guitar solo players at all,it was to cater to the underground rivit heads into non-popular music,every track didn't need a glamourous "guitar solo" but they still played some,just not every track.People who can't understand this are nothing more than "morons". Its like bashing the Ramones for not playing "solos"?? lol! But these bands were "classic underground" elite bands from the awsome 1980's. Toxic Holocaust's song "Nuke The Cross" plays tribute to this genre and they do it well,very well.
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