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TOPIC: Language nam nam
[guidogodoy] Friday, February 26, 2010 10:57:59 AM 
"Not out to improve our structure, spelling, grammar and punctuation" (notice the lack of the last comma?). THAT is a point upon which to argue were I to care about "nitpicking."

In my eyes, you are the one being far too serious. I have yet to see you acknowledge when you are wrong (you tend to use double negatives improprely: "neither...NOR), and you are just pulling things from an online dictionary. Not condescending? I ask yet again, do you read what you write? You want to "test" us yet you don't seem to have gotten far in school as per your own admission. It is clear in your own sentence structure and misuse / poor spelling of certain words. Most of us do not care to comment, myself included, as you seem to take it FAR too seriously. Numbering your response?! You don't find that more than a bit anal?

Nope, that is why I also stay away from such threads (and, quite frankly, people). While you claim to be willing to learn, I have yet to see it. Especially when you are "kindly" corrected by those with superior degrees and travel experience.

This is not what is going on here. You state a word / point and use an online dictionary to try and defend yourself. Please refer to point #3. "Languages and linguistics" ARE two separate terms as many a grade-school child could tell you. Argue all you wish but it is a fact. Perhaps with more formal training in the hobby you so love, you'll come to realize that many of us not only hold advanced degrees in languages AND lingustics (different disciplines) but we also choose not to waste our time trying to convince someone that the sky is blue. Perhaps why we also hold jobs that permit us to buy all the JP albums we like without having to "save up."

The last point you'll hear from me on this subject as well as I'll now keep to my word and avoid this thread.
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