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TOPIC: British Steel 3 Disc Boxset in May!!!
[J.D. DIAMOND] Saturday, February 20, 2010 3:41:23 PM 
I sure hope they don't do a Nostradamus tour Jaydee I hope your right man. More power to fans of the album but I hope what your saying is true as it does seem like the window of opportunity has passed as it is almost 2 years since the album now.And I thought that British Steel was written,recorded,mixed and mastered in just under 2 months I don't think it was anything over 2 months(8 weeks). Judas Priest should go back to the studio and work on the next record,I know that if they put out an album late this year or early January hellrider will make headlines on national TV!!! lol! 

Fuckin A hellrider you fuckin rock man!!!! He is where I get my spirits from when I'm stoked about the next Judas Priest album,we are all...well most of us are all here because Judas Priest is our #1 favorite band no question and hellrider makes this place that much more fun to visit,I'm sure Rob himself has seen a post from hellrider and his kick ass spiked studded leather jacket defending our heavy metal faith,I'm sure even Rob is inspired by hellrider!!!!! We all raise our fists to the sky and hail the mighty HELLRIDER!!!!!!!!!
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