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TOPIC: Godsmack
[iamnostradamus88] Thursday, February 11, 2010 7:23:58 PM 

I disagree with you to a certain extent. Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park? okay I couldn't agree with you more on your beliefs. Godsmack and System of a Down no. I've spoken about Godsmack earlier in these posts. Alotta people say "generic" and "Alice in Chains ripoff" and what have you and I get it. Personally I don't see it and to each his own dislike them if you may thats fine, but either way,  Godsmack and System of a Down shouldn't have been put into the category of all those other bands of the time. If you call System of a Down processed or label made crap you obviously didn't hear Mezmerize and Hypnotize which in my opinion were very excellent records and the musicianship between them was quite excellent. Godsmack was a band that got really big because they made catchy heavy groove based songs that could be played on the radio(another reason metalheads frown upon them). There popularity started decline a little bit around 2003 and what did they do? Released an older school "rock" based album and an acoustic record. Sounds like a rock band just tryin to do what they want. Thats not exactly a trend of that time. Both records in which still had top radio songs even after there popularity dimmed a little.  Neither of those two bands will fade away because believe it or not they have long extended fanbases unlike Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park who have faded away which I agree with you on. Many people I talk to cringe at the fact that they once liked Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park which says something. I am yet to see someone who liked or likes godsmack or system cringe ever.  Having a dj and making mixed beats and bullshit is not really something i'm into with heavy music. Neither Godsmack nor System of a Down have that. System experimented a little bit with synths and what have you but it was done with a few songs and in a very tasteful manner. Also Godsmack is notorious for being a tight rock band to put on a hell of a show and System of a Down has been on hiatus since 2006 and people are constantly asking and waiting for the reunion. Both bands are passed there prime but they won't fade away in the way that you put it. Godsmack's prime ended around 2003 and there 2006 album went straight to number one in its first week. Like I said "passed" their prime. But at the same time thats just my opinion as you are entitled to yours and i've said it before I get people not liking them. I agree with you on Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park. Disturbed and Slipknot I can't stand but even they do there own thing and I know they are just bands doing what they do because if they were processed crap they wouldn't have continued to put out records like they do now(and they are successful). But I personally just hate when Godsmack and System of a Down get thrown in with the other bands you just mentioned. Neither deserve to be there but they all came from the same time so understandable I guess. It just sucks. lol. Actually those are pretty much the only two bands from that time I like which most certainly says something about that time haha. Maybe there just guilty pleasures lol

Edited at: Thursday, February 11, 2010 7:40:36 PM
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