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[Dime/UNDER BLOOD RED SKIES!!!!] Thursday, February 11, 2010 4:15:10 PM 
    I just read about this in a random magazine and bought one of their albums and now i want every single one. To those who don't know, the Trans-siberian orchestra rose out of the ashes of SAVATAGE, after the death of their lead guitarist chis olivia, they began it as a tribute to him and his love of orchestrated and technical music.
 The album i bought is Night Castle, to those who have never heard the TSO, this is a great album and i highly recommend it. Favourties so far are, "Sparks", The mountian(the original moutain king song) "Night Castle" , "another way you can die" and thats just the first album.(2 disk) my favourtie song on the album is EPIPHANY though, WOW awesome song, warning starts out really slow, kinda below average song until almost exactly half way through, after you hear the word COLISEUM! it fucking rocks!!

  Some may complain(hardcores for the death metal and grindcore shit) that this isnt their kind of music, but i honestly love it, it broadens Metal to a much wider audience without making it awful. Some of the most talented music ive ever heard. Something for everyone in this with 5-7 different singers including an extremly talented girl vocalist who sings one of my favourites"father son and holy ghost" To the doubters, Ex- Megadeth guitar player Al petralli ( i cant spell with shit!!) rocks on this album.
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