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TOPIC: Grammys Got It Right!!!
[jimmyjames] Friday, February 05, 2010 4:03:11 AM 
Why the fuck is everyone so happy that Priest got this award that has absolutely no value whatsoever. Everyone seems to agree that the people who run the grammys have no idea what the fuck they are doing so that would make the award bullshit, which it is. Ushered in through the back door and given the award away from the eyes of the general public and then interviewed by some dwarf slut who didn't know who they were. It 's a fucking joke. Priest should have told them to get fucked when they were nominated. Yay we're finally being acknowledged by people who don't know who we are or care about our music and haven't listened to it. Even the category is vague, best metal performance or something, what does that mean? Live performance? Studio performance? Best performance on a live metal album? Can't be that because Megadeth were nominated for Headcrusher and that's not on any live albums. Did the fuckballs that vote for the grammys cruise around various metal gigs and watch the bands and then decide? You can't tell me that in a whole year Priests performance of their 33 year old song was the best metal performance by any metal band in any kind setting. If it was they'd have been nominated for best rock/ metal album. By accepting this award Priest are being ass kissers.  
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