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TOPIC: + Introductions [New Members post here]
[guidogodoy] Sunday, January 31, 2010 10:42:21 AM 
In geographical terms, a "knob" is defined as a prominant mountain or hill.

In my use, look in the mirror, ya knob! Word defined! BWWAHAAAAAA!
It was originally known as the Pine Knob Music Theatre, due to its proximity to the nearby Pine Knob ski area and golf course. The name was changed in 2002 when DTE Energy (the parent company of Detroit Edison) purchased the naming rights to the amphitheater in a ten-year, $10 million deal. Despite this change, many people still continue to call the venue "Pine Knob", "The Knob", or "The Hill".

Annually, the music theater has consistently ranked among the top-selling outdoor concert venues in the nation. Canadian Power-Trio Rush have regarded the ampitheater as one of their favorite venues to play in the U.S.A.
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