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TOPIC: Metallica V's Maiden
[J.D. DIAMOND] Saturday, January 30, 2010 3:11:00 AM 
 Brian Evens wrote: a certian joker on here is about to get me fired up and thats one thing you don't want to do...
Whoooo I am shakin' in my boots Brian(LMMFAO!!)   Dude,you are a "fucking joke" gone bad guy! Who gives a flyin fuck if Bruce "IS" the best vocalist(wich he is obviously not)and who cares if Steve Harris is the best bass player wich he may be,who cares if Nico is the best drummer....its thier stupid fucking "songs" that "SUCK" shit. Just like Budred below said,they suck!! And 90% of "metal fans" that your talking about don't even know Saxon has material past the 1980's.The fans that I have studied and talked with take this era of Saxon of Iron Maiden "any day".  

You have NO opinion about Iron Maiden exept that you like anything they put out.I was and am an old Maiden fan since 1982 probly before you were even fucking born little boy blue,so get the fuck off your fan-boy wagon and pull your lame unworthy uneducated head out of your ass.  At least I have an opinion of Maiden and other bands for that matter. If they put out "Load" or "Re-Load" albums you would be ranting how they are equal to anything they have ever done ect... thats why you have no say about opinions,you just have one opinion and its 100% Iron Maiden does no wrong,its a joke and I'm calling you out on it,everybody here sees that you are nothing but a fuckin fan-boy  so pack up your bags and go to your lame fan-boy Maiden forum,your not welcome here dumbshit.Now,what else must I say to (lol!) "fire you up" shit for brains??? Let me know,cause I'll push you as far as you can go dork metal-wannabe. 

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