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TOPIC: Guitars
[guitardude] Monday, January 25, 2010 6:19:10 PM 
The pickups are stock Peavey, but are listed as a high output. They have a very smooth and creamy tone like an old PAF. My pickups of choice are Duncan Distortions, good full frequency and high output without being over the top. I have also used Dimarzio Tone Zones and the Fred model, but only becaue they were cheaper than the Duncans and I was changing out 4 pickups at once in 2 guitars.But I haven`t ever used the Screamin Demon, not that I don`t want to, just haven`t.
I just couldn`t come to terms with the EMG`s in the Jackson, not bright enough. They had such a high signal strength and absolutely no noise at all, just to dark for what I wanted.
that top is a Flamed maple with a translucent Amber top, just like EVH used for years. This is sort of my tribute to him in a round about way. The neck is unfinished spalted maple, and a smaller radius than the Jackson, but sweet none the less.
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