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TOPIC: Me playing drums
[Deep Freeze] Saturday, January 23, 2010 9:30:52 AM 
Well Angel, it is probably better that you did not see it. Nothing you have not heard before, I am sure. Pretty young ladies deal with this behavior all the time. I know I speak for our group when I say that we will NOT tolerate it here on this site. There is just no place here for that kind of garbage.

I must say that I am particularly proud of our group and how we responded as a collective. Once again, we have displayed the kind of "family" behavior that I think defines this Board. That is so important. IF any of the Priest men were to look here, I would hope it would be during one of our "finest" hours. Of course, there are the "low points" but this is the stuff of public forums. There really is nothing we can do about it and, as I have mentioned so many times, we cannot legislate manners. People that come here need to be welcomed and treated with the kind of friendliness they deserve BUT, when someone is clearly looking to be a source of trouble, it is just SO gratifying to see us band together and stand tall.
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