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TOPIC: Me playing drums
[Deep Freeze] Friday, January 22, 2010 6:42:47 AM 
Well, a new day dawns and Murray has once again cleaned up the rubbish and left it on the curb for pick up. I must say, I am saddened. Not because we had to ask, but because he had to act. Why is it that people come here and purposely look for trouble? Why is it that there is simply NO sense of decency and manners? I suppose I will lament this to my dying day but I just do not understand the attraction to overt acts of malfeasance.

I assume there are those among us that will continue to think this behavior has some kind of "entertainment" value but it will just never make sense to me. And it is not because I do not want to "have fun". I have said things here that are clearly mindless and participated in some lunacy as well. I get that there  are times when it is fun to tease, laugh and even get a little out of line. It just seems to me that a vast majority of people have lost that sense of borders. When joking becomes vile.

I will say THIS once again; we are a family and we acted as one...AGAIN. Several opportunities were given and none were taken. Oh, and when (yes when) he comes back, I hope it is with a sense of contrition and a spirit of unity. That is all he ever needed in the first place.
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