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TOPIC: What album should i buy?
[Deep Freeze] Friday, January 08, 2010 10:35:05 AM 
Ah. Very well said. I can certainly understand that. It appears that we are distinctly different in that area, which is just fine.  For me, the very essence of a Priest song is the melodic value each one brings. The vocal melodies are equally well done and that adds to what has always been Priest's great attraction for me. The melody within the driving, pounding Metal vibe. With the "Ripper" songs, it seems to me that much of the melodic value was lost in favor of a more "contemporary" sound. As you said, Priest evolved with what was popular at the time, just as they did with Turbo. The difference being Rob, of course. He always injected that melodic sense to the songs and gave Priest a very distinct sound.

In all honesty, I was not really following Priest at the time anyway. The last album I had purchased was Painkiller which, for me, signaled a "re-birth" for Priest and a return to a more "classic sound" after all the mid-eighties stuff. When Rob left the band, I was pretty much onto other things and paid little attention until just prior to his return. When I heard the Ripper stuff, I was covinced I would not follow them ever again and then, Rob returned. AoR really sealed it for me. I love that album.
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