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TOPIC: so waht do u think about terbo?
[J.D. DIAMOND] Wednesday, December 23, 2009 5:42:39 PM 
Well,with an album title such as "Defenders Of The Faith"(1984) meaning "defending the heavy metal faith" going on and on about how much the faith of heavy metal means to them ect...during the Defenders Of The Faith tour,and then do a compleate 180 turn and head in the opposite direction going against everything they said and create the Turbo album? It didn't make sense to me back in 1986 when they did it,and it doesn't make sense to me know albmost 25 years later. I read an article in 88' where Rob said "If we would of done anything of less quality on the turbo album I think it would of been a let down for myself and the fans". 

He said something like that in the article I read back then,but I think what he was really saying is that after he looked at the album probly a year after its release,he realized they went too far in the other direction of heavy metal,and maybe he was saying it really was a let down,something they got caught up in at the moment back in 1986 where everything that looked like Poison and Motley Crue was selling huge amounts of albums which equals $cash in thy pocket.So I think that they really only did Turbo to get money,not for the "true Judas Priest" fans.They sold out BIG TIME and everybody knows it,the material shows.

Yes there are tons of fans who love Turbo and may think its one of Priest's best records,its up to the beholder to decide,everybody has an opinion.But the over-all majority of Priest fans 90% of them do not care for the Turbo album. I don't think that they "sold out" with Nostradamus though,I really think it was indeed targeted towards the true Judas Priest fanbase but just as something new and different to try out,but again in the same results I think it backfired at them for trying,however the material on Nostradamus is FAR better quality than that of the Turbo album.

I have very little "faith" in this band for hoping that they crank out a heavy metal album but its because of "experiments' they did with albums like Turbo,Demolition and Nostradamus....I wish there were 3 bold faced crushing heavy metal albums in the place of those 3 experimental albums,it would of made Judas Priest's discography look much better,but the band is content on trying new things regardless of what the majority of its true fanbase says.  

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