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TOPIC: Guitars
[Bazookajoe_666] Thursday, December 17, 2009 10:12:54 AM 
So yeah I got OWNED hardcore at the music store day before yesterday.

I was just looking for my regular light or medium gauge nicklewound strings for metal and rock.

I don't know much about strings yet so i asked about these cool looking FLATwound ones and the fucking MANAGER of the store said there all the same......

Obviously he was lying to make me buy the more expensive Flatwound ones, or he honestly knows jack shit about music and its instruments.

Flatwound strings are NOOOOOOOT the same as regular strings. There JAZZ strings. TThere completely smooth, hard to bend, extremely dull, has no balls.

And these were medium gauge, and oh my god, there the biggest fucking medium gauge strings I've ever seen. I had to file down the slots in the nut on my guitar. I tried not to make them deeper because that would fuck other strings up once I switch back, but I just tried to widen them so they'd fit.

And I can't tune higher than C.......

Looks like its Rammstein and Rob Zombie for me for a few weeks.
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