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TOPIC: 1001 ways to know you're a Judas Priest fan
[kiamat] Friday, December 04, 2009 4:34:09 AM 
Having read some of these posts, I should like to say in defence of 'the kids' that a great many do regard Priest and Maiden on the same level musically, but Maiden have a very canny manager behind them who has made sure that they stay in the spotlight (this should not be equated with selling out- its what managers are are supposed to do after all). Priest simply haven't been pushed forwards enough in recent years and I feel that because of they have been left behind slightly. Maiden tours are much better publicised (certainly in the UK- the Priest Feast tour was very much word-of-mouth, though it sold out months in advance in Manchester- which proves their popularity) and as for shirts and merch, if you want to support both Priest and Maiden it is massively easier and cheaper to get hold of a Maiden tee- I have looked at the prices of stuff on this website and mostly its not cheap (£18- compare that to the prices on the Maiden website), but if I go to another retailer like or HMV, the stuff simply isn't there. And I'm not just talking Priest vs. Maiden, Heaven and Hell are another band now very popular because they have promoted themselves or been promoted well- I see a lot of guys my age with their shirts.

If Priest aren't 'getting the attention they deserve' perhaps its because they haven't gone out and got that attention. Maybe they even want it that way- who knows?
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