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TOPIC: Confess your sins
[J.D. DIAMOND] Sunday, November 29, 2009 7:32:34 PM 
LOL! Thats funny,my girlfriend and I are the opposite,yeah she loves Priest,Maiden Saxon,Motorhead,Sabbath and even a very small handful of some extrme bands she likes through my collection(Immortal) but the rest of my death metal or black metal collection she doesn't care for but there is other stuff she likes that I can't stand(Motley Crue,Danger Danger,Babylon A.D.,Great White to name a few) but its all in good fun,she pumps this shit in the house and laughs her ass off at me,but I laugh as well,its all good ya know...theres no use in hiding your true thoughts about music to one another,I don't tell her to take the music off(she wouldn't anyways and would flip me off!! lol!!)if thats what she likes then she should be able to have the right to listen to anything she wants at any time without question(we have a large rec room for our music apart from the front living room) and she does and so do I and so should you and your boyfriend. Just crank up Painkiller and tell your boyfriend to "TOP THIS"!!!! LOL musicgirl!!!lol!!!  

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