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TOPIC: HALFORD 3 Winter Songs
[guardian angel] Sunday, November 29, 2009 12:01:59 AM 
I wonder how much the opinions are coloured by the album that opened your mind to Priest for the first time.  Defenders was my first foray into the Priest world, and it is one of my most listened to cds.  I kind of compare everything to that, because that to me is classic Priest.  I am still ecstatic that once I discovered them, I had this whole crazy catalogue to wade through!  I am also grateful that I have had so many new Priest albums to get to know since then.  Not too many people can say that about their favorite bands.  By the way, it started snowing here today, nothing serious, we don't need the national guard yet (lol), as a result I've been listening more to Winter Songs, just to get into the spirit, so to speak.  I must say, MAN, that  Oh Holy Night is modest yet incredibly powerful!  I am really warming up to the whole cd.  Sadly, my least favorite is the last one, Oh Come All Ye Faithful.  To me it sounds like it's trying too hard to be grand.  Whereas Holy Night is unassuming and comes off very very grand.  It just needs to have the synthesizers removed altogether from the song.  Seriously, liking the cd!  Ho ho ho!
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