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TOPIC: Favorite and Least Favorite Album?
[Mr. Dave Genocide] Wednesday, November 18, 2009 11:22:07 PM 
Let me first say I need to start coming on more often cos I've been slacking on it a lot!

Anyways, Let me just say that my first introduction to JP was Unleashed In The East.  That album (back when I was 5) was phenominal and I enjoyed the hell outta that album.  Then along came Painkiller and that album is my absolute favourite album.  I believe that one album really pinpoints the reaf fire and emotion inside Judas Priest (besides Stained Class and Screaming For Vengeance).  13 years later, 20 concerts later (from 2004 - present), I'll never forget the mighty Metal Gods!

To say my least favourite album, excluding the Ripper era, definitely has to be Ram It Down.  I'm sorry, the drum machine kills it.  Myself, being a drummer, I can cover every single track on that album! (Then again, Scott is my main drumming influence and he could nail those songs as well!)  It was sad that the drum machines were brought in, but it was known (as you view videos from the '88 tour) that Dave didn't have all the energy the rest of the band had, which in turn brought in the "Machine Man" himself Scott Travis and Painkiller was born, along with Angel Of Retribution and Nostradamus.
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