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TOPIC: Popularity?
[icecreamman] Wednesday, November 18, 2009 9:26:18 PM 
Speaking of popularity, I think its ridiculous to see rappers wearing AC/DC shirts. I see people all the time with Back in Black shirts on and can not even name an AC/DC song. Well, the shirt says back in black, you cant even name an AC/DC song......., hmmmm. I am glad Priest shirts are not sold at walmart. I am shocked when people say they ''I love HER music." when I wear an Alice Cooper shirt. Really can people be that stupid?I have people who think that Judas Priest is a person. What is the world coming to? I am a Huge AC/DC fan, but I hate how they play for a more commercial crowd. I hate You shook me all night long, I wouldn't care if they never played it again. I would love to see an AC/DC concert were they played nothing from back in black and played songs from the usually ignored albums like fly on the wall or flick of the switch or powerage. Dont even get me started on Kiss.....

The Rolling Stones, the worlds greatest rock n roll band. Living Legends, right? AND some people think they are a clothing brand. REALLY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

You know I dont give a rats ass about popularity, all I can say is Great Music will ALWAYS be great. Pop comes and goes.

Fuck the Posers and Rattle Your Heads!!!!
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