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TOPIC: Guitars
[guitardude] Saturday, November 07, 2009 4:34:12 PM 
The Vetta is awesome. It`s a digital amp. It has tons of power , no matter the load you put on it (4,8or 16ohms) . Tubeamps require that you match the load by a switch on back, no big deal though. With the Vetta, you can have doing a emulation of any Marshall on the left channel and a emulation of a Mesa Boogie on the right , or vice-versa!! Any combination you can think up, it`ll do. It has all kinds of "pedals" stored internally andwith the foot controller you can get for it. That`s really all you will ever need. It would be like having a rackful of gear on your backline.
Just get two cabs for it so you can explore in stereo.
I tested one out a few years back and ended up staying several hours trying all the diferent things it can do. And I still didn`t get close to exploring it all.
The Mk II`s are tube, and that is my favorite for tone. But if you want the Vetta, go for it, you won`t be sorry.
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