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TOPIC: Guitars
[guitardude] Thursday, November 05, 2009 5:33:28 PM 
 Sadly, I don`t have either of my Marshalls anymore, priorities changed so they had to go. I have been in the market for something smaller for a long time now, all tubes preferably, but without breaking the bank.
K2M is right on the BBE, I had one and they make such a difference, really livens things up. I also had the GE-7 that I used to mainly boost my top end for solos.
The HM-2 you have is good, you don`t have to run it WFO, they can be used as an Overdrive . with good results.
At one point I had nearly an all Boss setup consisting of a 
Compressor, EQ, Digital Delay, Chorus. I also had a Dunlop Dimebag model Crybaby, Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion and a Hush  pedal.
I still have the Silver Dragon, and I also have a Boss DS-1 that was given to me by a member of the board here. Occasionally I plug into my son`s little Fender amp and use the DS-1. Otherwise I use my newly attained Behringer V-amp 2 with headphones. I can plug in the Mp3 and wail away.
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