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TOPIC: Guitars
[SDBinNY] Tuesday, November 03, 2009 3:37:12 PM 
Personally, I have always prefered Jensens. I "grew up" with old Fenders ( 1956 Fender Bandmaster,  1966 Fender Dual Showman, 1968 Fender 2x12 thing I can never remember the name of). I ran a Boss DF2 into the Showman with a 2x15 cab and LOVED the tone I got. The 15's were old Jensens, and my father actually made the cab.

Currently I have a Behringer head and cab, and a Crate cab. Haven't got to use them much lately, so I am certain they are feeling a little neglected..

I think people just get too caught up in labels, and it is my belief that you should get out there and find what your ears like.

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