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TOPIC: 1001 ways to know you're a Judas Priest fan
[Deep Freeze] Saturday, October 24, 2009 2:08:15 PM 
I agree with much of that, my friend. However, I am big on "giving the fans what they want". That is a HUGE reason they did the BS tour this year rather than Nostradamus. Honestly, I have no problem with them doing Painkiller or any other song for that matter. It is not the setlist to which I refer so much as it is the myopic views of so many fans. Rob does NOT sing that song very well, as you mentioned. In fact, I cannot think of a scream in ANY song (including Sinner or VoC) in which he can actually hit the same notes he did on the respective albums. He CANNOT do it. Of course, as mentioned, he needn't hit the exact note for the scream to be astonishing.

I have just grown weary of so many people trying to convince us that during their particular show, Rob was "dead on" and hit "every note perfectly". Right..and on EVERY other gig he did not...just YOURS.  HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry. I do not buy it.  But as I said, I am all for them playing the old songs and all the favorites that so many of us hold dear. Just don't try to tell me he did it the same because we ALL know he cannot do it.
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