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TOPIC: + Introductions [New Members post here]
[tjlambert] Saturday, September 26, 2009 1:36:41 PM 
Hello all.... New here, just wanted to share some JP memories with you all;

Ok, just a JP memory for you all….. It’s the eighties, and I’m with the US Army in Berlin, Germany. Just as I’m heading out to “The Field” for three weeks, I get word that Priest will be in Southern Germany when I get back.

That was the longest three weeks in my life!!

I hooked up with an Army buddy, Dirk, and we rent a VW Golf to drive down the night before. Dumb-asses that we were, we didn’t have enough money for tickets, tee shirts, AND a room for the night, so we just tried to sleep in the car. Damn, it was freaking cold that night!!!!
We got woke up by a cop telling us we couldn’t sleep there together like that!! To which I responded “Like what?!” He just laughed, and said “Never mind”.

We get to the show, and I’m drinking like a fool, (OMG I just Love German beer) waaaaaaaayyyy too much, it turns out;

We hatch a plan to get back stage by pinning our ID cards to our jackets and just walking confidently past security.

It worked, but we were so damn drunk we ended up going right out the back stage door, which promptly locked behind us…. Shit!! Now what do we do?

We found a trailer, or out-building (I was too drunk to remember), and walk right up the stairs. I’m looking down so as to not trip on the stairs, and run smack into this tall guys chest - wham! He grabs my shoulders so I don’t fall back down the stairs, and says “Sorry mate.” And he and some other dudes in long leather coats walk down the steps and into the arena.

Dirk starts yelling “That was Halford you ass hole!! You ran right into him!!”


I don’t get drunk anymore - Seriously.

Anyhow, after some argument with management, they let us back in. But we lost our front row mash-pit spots. I’m not very tall (5’7”) so to see, I jumped up on an electrical switch box that was on the wall. It was sweet, as that put me right in the line of the lights that fanned out to the crowd. So when Rob said “Heres one from the Sad Wings of Destiny album…. You may remember that one.” I just screamed out as loud as I could, as that is one of my all-time, all-genre favorite albums. Rob heard me over the crowd, and saw me in the lights, he pointed at me and said “You remember!!!”

I know I was just one dude in a hundred billion dudes he’s seen over the years in concert, but it lives on with me as a really cool moment. The cherry on what could have been a really bad Priest experience.

Thanks JP & RH

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