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TOPIC: Is Bon Jovi a heavy metal band
[ron h] Friday, September 04, 2009 7:03:26 PM 
Okay, let me set my record straight here!!!  I don't hate Bon Jovi either!!!  However, the fact they have a thread here does in fact bother me!!!!!!  I don't know the person who created this thread, but to feel they had to ask this [email protected]&^$%^R  F*&^%^%G question in the first place really boggles my wee little mind!!!!!! 
When I first joined the Board, I felt complelled to post my *ahem* response just as any red blooded Metalhead should do as the answer is obvious. I know it's never gonna die and I have to live with this fact, but that don't mean I have to like it!!!   So when I'm feeling sad or just need a pick me up in general, it makes me feel better to come on over here and  them guys up a little!!! 
     Hey Spa...go easy on Heather please!!! Even now she rocks!!!   

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