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[HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS] Thursday, September 03, 2009 1:36:52 PM 
The members of Lacuna Coil are all VERY nice. Before the shows, they grill out by the tour bus. Sometimes you can walk right up to them if it's not roped off and hang out and ask for autographs. When they headline in the clubs, they will go into the club after they shower and have some drinks while the guys pack up their stuff. When we saw them last, two of the members walked right into the bar and hung out with us for a while. It was really GREAT!! So if you get a chance to see them, hang out after the show and maybe you will meet them and keep your eyes open in the bar BEFORE the show!

This is in the bar before the show with Maus (guitar player). Notice I am still loyal to Priest - I'm wearing my JP cross!!

This is me with Maki (bass) out on the patio drinking a couple beers before the show.
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